Levels of Care

Appropriate Care

Addiction Severity
At San Diego Addiction Treatment Center, we provide adult males struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders an individualized treatment plan of research-based therapy based on their unique substance abuse circumstances and recovery objectives.

Treatment Considerations
Following comprehensive medical and psychological assessments, clients are assigned an appropriate level of care based on their addiction severity, presence of co-occurring psychological issues, and overall physical health.

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Aftercare Preparation

Long-term Recovery
While in treatment, clients develop an aftercare plan, sober living skills, and coping strategies for reintegrating into home life, work, and the community. A part of aftercare planning includes collaborating with our therapists on continued care recommendations for follow-up with psychiatrists, therapists, or physicians. Our goal is for clients to leave treatment with a detailed aftercare plan listing contacts and resources needed to continue their recovery journey. Aftercare may also include treatment follow-up calls from San Diego staff to clients, and inclusion in our AAC Alumni program.

Sober Community
To assist in long-term recovery following treatment, we encourage the client to practice the behaviors and recovery skills developed in our therapy and groups. To help in aftercare, we recommend involvement with SDATC peers, involvement with the AAC Alumni network, and participation in recovery groups such as 12-Step meetings.

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